Magnetising Equipment

Hirst Magnetics has been producing magnetisers since the 1960’s and its bench-top magnetisers, magnetising fixtures, workstation magnetisers and volume production magnetising systems are trusted by the world’s leading companies in industries ranging from aerospace and electronics to medical equipment and automotive. These magnetisers can be used with all permanent magnet materials including Ferrite, AlNiCo, NdFeB and SmCo.

See our Magnetiser selection guide to see what works best for your application.

Hirst are also experts in automated and semi-automated handing of the magnetisation and de-magnetisation process – see our Automated handling page for more examples

Custom Magnetiser Fixtures

Most applications require a custom made magnetising fixtures to provide the best energy transfer between the magnetising fixture and the magnet.

See our Custom magnetiser fixtures capabilities and applications page

Workstation Magnetisers

Hirst’s workstation magnetisers can also have fixtures mounted on to the station for a more compact production solution. Magnetiser energies range from 1kJ to 12kJ. These magnetisers are ideal for loudspeaker, sensor and small motor production.

Production Magnetisers

The 4th generation modular industrial production line magnetisers  M1000 (1000V) and M3000 (3000V) ranges have magnetiser energies from 20kJ to 100kJ these magnetisers are ideal for medium to large motor production of all types including IPM, SPM and Axial flux motors.

Standard Magnetiser fixture the J2 range

Hirst also offer some standard fixtures for mature applications in audio and sensor applications. The pole pieces can be easily customised and instrumented to provide a rapidly deployable solution.

Bench-top Magnetisers and Demagnetisers

The MCSD series of precision Magnet Charger Setter Demagnetisers have been designed as a flexible magnet processor for the laboratory and also a production workhorse where calibrating, stabilising, setting or ageing all types of permanent magnets as required.

Production Magnetiser solutions

Industrial production line magnetiser the M800 (800V) range with magnetiser energies from 100kJ to 400kJ these magnetisers are typically used for making large ferrite magnets for recycling or generator applications.