Intellectual property

Hirst has a number of key patents relating to its magnetic instruments as well as a range of proprietary techniques. The team at Hirst have a considerable amount of design experience and the products contain a significant amount of know-how accumulated over several decades. The company also has a number of registered trademarks.

Pulsed field magnetometers (PFM)

The main patents and know how for PFMs are focused on eddy current compensation, self-demagnetisation field correction and open-to-closed circuit mapping.   These patents allow the company to produce some of the most accurate and high performing PFM products in the world. The first generation of Hirst industrial PFM was launched in 1998, this generation 7 was released in 2021.

In addition, the company has trademarks on the self demagnetisation field function –  SDFF™ and open to closed mapping -O2C™.

Magnetisers and demagentisers

The main intellectual property on magnetisers is know-how focused on magnetisers technology and production approaches such as a patented step and repeat approach used in axial flux and other motor types. Hirst has been manufacturing magnetisers since the 1960s and as a result has extensive experience and know how in this area.

Gaussmeters and fluxmeters

The main intellectual property and on gauss meters is know-how focused on Gaussmeter design, production, calibration and stability and Hirst has been manufacturing Gaussmeter products since the 1940s.

The company has been manufacturing cutting edge high performance fluxmeter products since the 1960s. The IFM06 the is the 6th generation of fluxmeter from Hirst and contains proprietary Zero Drift Technology (ZDT) as well as the 60 years of accumulated experience in design of fluxmeters.