Helmholtz cubes and coils

Hirst manufactures both standard and bespoke coil systems for field generation, cancelling or measurement. From fully active 3 axis earths field cancelling/simulating systems, to simple bench top single axis coils for magnet measurement.

Active Helmholtz 3 axis systems

Hirst has produced a number of large active 3 axis earths field cancelling systems. This systems use highly sensitive sensors to monitor both the external earths field and the internal field of the system allowing the user to cancel out the earths field, and apply a user defined magnetic field in any of the 3 axis of the system up to 100 micro tesla.

Standard Helmholtz coils

Standard Helmholtz coils are available in a range of standards sizes from 150mm to 500mm diameter, these can be used in conjunction with a Fluxmeter for magnet quality control, or used to generate small magnetic fields up to 10mT.

Custom Helmholtz coils can also be produced in other sizes, in 1 or 3 axis.