Active 3 axis Helmholtz 3 m cubes

Hirst manufactures both standard and bespoke coil systems for field generation, magnetic field cancelling or measurement. These range from fully active 3 axis field cancelling to precision bench top single Helmholtz single axis coils for magnet measurement.

Active Helmholtz 3 axis systems

Hirst has produced a number of large active 3 axis Helmholtz coil systems for cancelling earths magnetic field and generating specific fields for sensor system testing and calibration. These systems use highly sensitive sensors to monitor both the external earths field and the internal field of the system allowing the user to cancel out the earths field, and apply a user defined magnetic field in any of the 3 axis of the system up to 100 micro tesla.

Key benefits
  • Active cancellation of earths magnetic
  • Field generation up to 100 uT
  • Excellent stability over time – +/150nT
  • Calibration of sensors such as compasses and down hole sensors
  • Calibration and testing of satellites, vehicles, mobile phones and complex sensor systems

Hirst will also build custom sizes please contact us for details.

Standard Helmholtz coils for measurement

Custom Helmholtz coils can also be produced in other sizes, in 1 or 3 axis configurations. See our Helmholtz coils for measurement webpage