Handheld Gaussmeters

Hirst develop and manufacture Gaussmeters and Hall Probes that are practical and precise with a user-friendly interface and exceptional support from the experts at Hirst. With over 60 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and calibrating magnetic instrumentation in the South West of the UK, Hirst supply a product you can trust for accuracy and durability.

A range of computer interfaces allow these products to be used in the lab, in the field or for production systems.

Gaussmeters measure magnetic flux density. The vast majority of Gaussmeters use a Hall probe to measure magnetic flux density.

Gaussmeters offer a static measurement. The probe is placed in the desired measuring location and the Gaussmeter measures the flux density at that point.  Each Gaussmeter is fully capable of measuring dynamic fields but it is not a requirement of the measurement process to have a changing magnetic field or environment.

Gaussmeters are excellent for measuring the flux density of air gaps in loudspeakers, motors etc.  In these regions the flux density is uniform so probe position is less important.  Gaussmeters are also excellent at determining local point effects as they have a very small detection area on the probe.

A gaussmeter requires annual calibration to ensure accurate performance.

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