Measuring Equipment

Hirst Magnetic Instruments has been active in providing solutions for 60 years in magnetics and magnetic measurement. Hirst manufacture precision hand-held Gaussmeters, Fluxmeters and Helmholtz coils for measuring of magnets and magnet assemblies. Hirst is a world leader in Pulsed Field Magnetometers (PFMs).

Pulsed field Magnetometers

The PFM08-10, PFM08-40 and PFM08-70 make up the generation 8 PFM range which were introduced in 2023. PFMs can accurately measure the magnetic hysteresis curve of all magnetic materials (Ferrite, NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo). Because of the high fields applied, maximum of 10.5T (8356 kA/m / 105k Oe) even the most coercive materials and highest grades of NdFeB are now accurately measurable (traditional permeameters cannot measure these high coercivity materials due to pole piece saturation limitations).

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Magnet Scanners

Hirst have produced various single and multi-axis magnet scanners including several as part of in-line quality control for production lines. These are an ideal tool for product quality control as they give unprecedented views of the actual magnetisation of your part, allowing you to see detail and potential defects that would otherwise be missed.

Magnet scanner systems

Active 3 axis Helmholtz cube

Hirst has produced a number of large active 3 axis earth magnetic field cancelling systems the largest being a 3m cube. This systems use highly sensitive sensors to monitor both the external earths field and the internal field of the system allowing the user to cancel out the earths field, and apply a user defined magnetic field in any of the 3 axis of the system up to 100 micro tesla.

active 3 axis Helmholtz cubes


Fluxmeters measure the total magnetic flux in a volume contained within a coil (such as a Helmholtz coil) whereas a gaussmeter measures the total flux density at a point where the probe is located. The IFM06 is the 6th generation of integrating fluxmeter from Hirst.

IFM06 Fluxmeters


Gaussmeters or Teslameters Tmeasure magnetic flux density. Hirst develop and manufacture Gauss Meters and Hall Probes that are practical and precise with a user-friendly interface and exceptional support from the experts at Hirst. The GM08 is the latest model with a range of probes for all measurement applications.

Helmholtz coils for measurement

Helmholtz coils are designed to integrate with the IFM06 integrating fluxmeter for a fast, accurate and a low-cost measuring technique to monitor the quality of permanent magnets of all kinds. 

Helmholtz coils for measurement