Helmholtz coils for measurement

The Hirst standard Helmholtz (HH-XXX range) coils are a perfect addition to the Hirst IFM06 integrating fluxmeter for a fast, accurate and a low-cost measuring technique to monitor the quality of permanent magnets of all kinds. 

The Helmholtz configuration consists of a pair of identical wound coaxial coils connected in series at a fixed distance equal to their radius. This configuration permits the sample to be placed in a large uniformity central volume. The standard range is 75mm,150mm, 300mm and 500mm but Hirst has made custom coils up to 3 meters in diameter so please contact us with your requirements. For the greatest resolution in measurement, it is sensible to pick the smallest coil size for the sample to be tested.

Key benefits
  • An easy to use and low-cost measurement technique.
  • Precise and accurate to within 1% – if the correct coil is chosen for a given magnet sample size.
  • Meets international testing standards (IEC 60404-14)
  • A non-destructive method of testing magnet samples.