New product – 4th generation M1000 & M3000 industrial magnetisers available

The latest 4th generation M1000 (1000V) and M3000 (3000V) series industrial range of high-performance production magnetisers are designed to integrate into semi-automated and fully automated production lines. The 4th generation is fully modular (capacitor bank towers can be flexibly configured to the power needed) with a magnetiser control tower containing the charger circuit, coil current sense system,Continue reading “New product – 4th generation M1000 & M3000 industrial magnetisers available”

Demagnetiser Workstation

A common problem in industry is residual magnetism in parts after machining or working.  Often parts stick together, proving difficult for additional processing. Another typical problem after machining is that parts can pick up swarf, and even washing can prove ineffective. By demagnetising parts, the above problems can be alleviated. There are various different waysContinue reading “Demagnetiser Workstation”