MCSD100J Bench top magnetiser

M40kJ magnetiser with mechanical handling and post magnetisation verification

Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd. design and manufactures magnetising systems capable of magnetising permanent magnets and assemblies containing permanent magnets.

Hirst’s range of easy to operate magnetising systems offers flexibility and control at both high and low production rates. They can be operated as stand-alone systems, integrated with other Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd. products or integrated with customer’s external equipment.

Models are available for magnetising any suitable material including:-

  • NdFeB – Neodymium Iron Boron
  • Sm2Co17 -Samarium Cobalt 2-17
  • SmCo5 – Samarium Cobalt 1-5
  • Strontium Ferrite
  • Barium Ferrite
  • Alnico/Alcomax
  • All other permanent magnet materials

Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd.  has developed a series of magnetisers that support a variety of applications, a selection of which is indicated below:

  • Saturation of permanent magnet and magnet assemblies
  • Magnetising sub assemblies containing the magnet which avoids contamination
  • Laboratory work where magnet development is undertaken
  • Multi-pole magnetising of rare earth magnets
  • Embedded permanent magnet rotors
  • Axial flux rotors
  • Manufacture of permanent magnet motors or voice coil motors
  • Servicing areas such as motor repairs