Hirst win the Institute of Physics Business Innovation Award 2020

Hirst has now developed a significant advance of the PFM process with mathematical support from the University of Exeter. These new PFM self demagnetisation field function (SDFF) units allow closed-circuit magnetic measurements to be made in open-circuit circumstances, something which has not been possible before. 

This is an essential step needed for the characterisation of actual production magnets prior to assembly and magnetisation. 

This is an industry first and solves a high-value industrial market challenge.

This technology extends the PFM open-loop process, allowing closed-loop measurements to be made by using a proprietary new field interpretation model operating on a proven technology platform.

This enables a high-yield volume permanent magnet motor manufacturing supply chain and quality assurance operations worldwide. 

The SDFF technique can be applied to all ‘open’ magnet characterisation techniques, in the laboratory or factory, where it can offer potentially 100% yields by ensuring that every magnet in the assembly has the same, specified characteristics required by the application.

Essentially this advance enables a high-yield volume manufacturing of permanent magnet-based products, ahead of other techniques.