Pulsed field Magnetometer (PFM) 7th generation – PFM12 and PFM14 

The PFM-07 range (PFM12 and PFM14) of magnet characterisation / magnetometer can accurately measure the magnetic hysteresis curve and extract key values for all magnetic materials (Ferrite, NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo). With a maximum of 10.5T (8356 kA/m / 105 kOe) even the most coercive materials and highest grades of NdFeB can be measured while traditional permeameters cannot measure these high coercivity materials due to pole piece saturation limitations. The 7th generation of PFMs from Hirst uniquely feature eddy current correction (patented F-2F algorithm) and Self Demagnetisation Field (SDF) correction. The first generation of Hirst industrial PFM was launched in 1998 and this latest generation was launched in 2021 with new high performance 2.4GHz wireless sample holders.

7th Generation -PFM12 and PFM14

Key benefits
  • Integral magnetiser and de-magnetiser producing field of over 10T meaning the highest grades of permanent magnetic material can be tested (not possible on traditional permeameters).
  • Automatically extracts critical parameters: – Remanence: Br, Coercivity: HcJ, HcB, Maximum energy product: BHMax, Saturation values: Hsat, Jsat, Squareness Coefficients: Hk, Hk/HcJ, Sa, and more are all automatically extracted from every measurement and displayed separately alongside JH and BH loops.
  • Temperature controlled measurements: PFM12 from 5°C below room ambient to 15°C above. PFM14 from 5°C below room ambient up to 200°C. 
  • Temperature control precision near ambient ±0.15°C.
  • Repeatability better than ±0.75% at ambient temperature for HcJ and Br.
  • Range of sample sizes can be accommodated 5-10mm. 
  • Sample shapes: cylinder, square, and arbitrary shapes via sample holders with SDF shape correction.
  • User friendly easy to use hardware and software for fast measurements – ambient tests are 60 seconds per test.
  • Meets IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) TR-62331 specifications for permanent magnets as a non-destructive testing method.
  • Designed for characterisation of hard magnetic materials in both production control and research applications for all permanent magnet materials (Ferrite, NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo) including high grade NdFeB coated samples.
  • The ambient temperature PFM12 is ideal for production testing and quality control.
  • The high temperature capable PFM14 supports measurement up to 200oC for development and quality control.