Turn key solutions

Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd. offer a design and manufacturing service for “turnkey” magnet processing and measurement systems.

Our approach objective is simple, total customer satisfaction. From initial consultation, through the design phase to manufacture and supply.  Hirst will effectively manage the whole process making your “turnkey solution” a reality.

Bespoke solutions

In many industrial applications of magnets there is a requirement to perform some type of automated handling operation.  This can range from a simple ejection of a part from a magnetising coil, to a fully automatic machine.  This could be of individual magnets, assemblies with magnets fitted or parts for de-magnetising.

Where large quantities of permanent magnetic material need to be processed, the handling equipment must be designed and manufactured in conjunction with the magnetising equipment and sensor instrumentation.  In such circumstances it is important that the project management team have a firm understanding of the magnetics involved and take full control of the project.

Because of the nature and evolution of permanent magnet material in recent years Hirst Magnetic Instruments have designed, manufactured and developed a significant number of bespoke magnetising and demagnetising systems incorporating, mechanical handling.

Quality solutions

Automatic testing of components after magnetising is a frequent requirement in a world where quality is the key factor in maintaining the supplier relationship.

Within the range of testing methods there will always be ways in which we can confirm the magnetising or de-magnetising process.  One hundred percent testing of assemblies is therefore an increasing aspect of customer requirement, so this can be incorporated as an automatic process within equipment with automatic segregation of any rejects.

Mechanical Handling

Typical handling equipment that has been integrated with Hirst’s magnetising and demagnetising systems include; bowl feeders, conveyors, pick and place systems, gating mechanism, rotary tables etc.

Handling equipment that is pneumatically or electrically operated is often incorporated within magnetising or demagnetising systems. These systems could be controlled by the onboard microprocessor within the magnetising and de-magnetising machines or by a PLC or PC.