As we rush into a Green Future, we are here to help with new Magnetic design.

Engineering skills can be difficult to recruit or resource. Today engineering skills in magnetics are in even shorter supply. The UK Magnetic Technology Centre offers scientific and engineering skills in a wide range of areas with a successful history of Magnetic design, stretching back decades.

There is a world-wide rush towards Green technologies. Many of these involve the use of Rare Earth magnets, including Neodymium (NdFeB) and Samarium Cobalt (SmCo). It is also necessary to consider the magnetic circuits that these magnets are used in and this cannot be done in isolation. Dealing with magnetic designs is a very different skill set to the more “normal” types of engineering. Practical skill sets not only impact upon effective designs, but safety in manufacturing.

These “magnetic” skills can be hard to recruit and often require more than one expert to get a new product or service to market. There is also the ongoing engineering considerations of obsolescence replacement and production problems that all require specialised knowledge to successfully manage.

The UK Magnetic Technology Centre is able to undertake projects from fundamental physics research through to pre-production build, utilising an extensive team of experienced scientists and engineers, to carry projects from concepts in physics, through electronic and mechanical design, dedicated and embodied software to pre-production build and testing. This broad spectrum of capabilities is available for your project, without the need or stress of in-house recruitment.